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Alcoa Foundation Program “Youth Votes for Health!”

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Youth Votes for Health! - a program targeted toward  promoting healthy lifestyles among youth – is being implemented since 2011 on two pilot areas: in Kirovsky District in the city of Samara and in the city of Belaya Kalitva in Rostov Oblast.

Presentation of health technologies for schools in Belaya Kalitva at a roundtable devoted to the launching of the "Youth Votes for Health" Program

The program was developed and as being fulfilled by the Fund for Sustainable Development (FSD) with financial support from the Alcoa Foundation and in partnership with the Russian enterprises of Alcoa in Belaya Kalitva  (Alkoa Metallurg Rus) and Samara (Alcoa SMZ).

The program includes three components: (1) acquiring and installing outdoor fitness equipment in schoolyards; (2) developing and testing exercise programs for the fitness equipment and plans of after-class lessons on health promotion for students of different ages and community members; and (3) organizing festivals “Youth Votes for Health”.

As a result of program activities, sports grounds with fitness machines have appeared in the schoolyards of the two cities and over 3,000 students and residents of Samara and Belaya Kalitva have undergone fitness training under specially developed programs.
In each city, health festivals were conducted, which helped increase awareness among students, teachers, parents, city schools, departments of education and public health, local businesses and city administrations about the need to care about the health of local youth and about available innovative technologies of creating healthy functional environments in cities with the aim of facilitating youth development.

The program produced a concrete and tested model for replicating innovative technologies of “healthy youth lifestyles” in other regions.

The program “Youth Votes for Health!” is included in the library of best practices of forming healthy lifestyles in Russia that was approved by the Russian Federation Ministry of Public Health and Social Development.

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