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News, January, 2014

“Yard Fitness” is Gaining Popularity in Belaya Kalitva

The Alcoa Foundation funded program Youth Votes for Health! that has become popular among the residents of the city and raion of Belaya Kalitva will be continued in 2014 with support from Alcoa Metallurg Rus and the Fund for Sustainable Development.

The new phase of the Program was officially launched on January 10, 2014, at a kick-off seminar held at the local Children’s Creativity Center. At the end of this month, a contest will be announced for the best proposals for upgrading the existing outdoor fitness grounds in the city.

All community members are welcome to take part in this Fair of Volunteer Projects by submitting their applications. The three best ideas (mini projects) will be selected by a popular voting through the internet. Thus, every resident of Belaya Kalitva will have a chance to VOTE FOR HEALTH! The winners will receive funds for their projects and by autumn their proposals will be implemented.

By the summer, 2 new fitness grounds will be built and training for schoolchildren will be continued following specially developed health programs. At the same time, a Festival will be conducted at which teams of all 10 fitness grounds built under the Youth Votes for Health! Program during the past 3 years will demonstrate their new skills.

E.Bondarchuk, program coordinator and FSD projects manger, and E.Kisileva, training specialist from the Children’s Creativity Center

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