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Regional Centers

RC directors, from left to right: A. Yashin, deputy Ural RC director; L. Strukova, Ural RC director; E. Milanova, RC coordinator and FSD projects manager; E. Volkova, Volga-South European RC director; V. Belogolovov, East Siberian RC director; and S. Pleshakov, RFE RC director

FSD Regional Support Centers

The Regional Centers (RC) that identify priority areas of activity and promote region-specific networking and partnership development are an essential link in the work of the Fund for Sustainable Development (FSD). These Centers operate under the auspices of experienced non-profit organizations (NGOs) – see map and information on RC geographic reach (List of RF Subjects) and contact information in the Supplement.  The Centers were founded to build bridges between regions, to strengthen ties between governmental and non-governmental organizations and to further advance cooperation with donors and international NGOs.

The RCs are actively involved in project monitoring, short-term and long-term project evaluation, and networking. Jointly with FSD, they organize training and presentation seminars, exchange programs, and regular RC seminars. These seminars provide a forum to discuss the impact of FSD projects; local priorities; replication and dissemination of FSD’s successful results; program monitoring; improvements in the economic, environmental and social spheres; promotion of civil society; RC participation in public expertise for major regional projects; and support of public initiatives directed toward social improvements.

RC involvement in FSD grantmaking and information exchange activities has considerably expanded their resource potential, strengthened the network of partnership organizations, and expanded the process of institutionalization and multi-sector interaction on a national and regional level. RCs maintain their own unique databases on partners, projects, and donors.  They have extremely effective communication channels and information networks and maintain their own regularly updated websites that inform local communities about FSD activities, new developments, and project impacts.

The RC staff, which has been trained to work with grant applicants and grantees, carries out everyday coordination activities across all of Russia.

Contact information on Regional Centers







Volga and South-European Regional Center


Nizhny Novgorod, 2, Rojdestvenskaya  str.,16, of.21-1

t. (831)4302009

mob. +7916 015 4640


+7956 9067948 (N.Novgorod)


Volkova Yelena Vitalyevna


Ural Regional Center 

620075, Yekaterinburg, Kuznechnaya str., 79, of. 43

t. mob.  +79222930374


Strukova Larisa Viktorovna


East Siberian Regional Center



Ulan Ude , 55 Lenina str., of. 66

t. (3012)210288

mob. +79146325552


Belogolovov Vladimir Fyodorovich


Far East Regional Center 

680000, Khabarovsk,

104 Shevchenko str. 4, “Zelenii Dom” (“Green House”)

t/f (4212) 329652


+7909 840 2428



Pleshakov Sergey Aleksandrovich

Regional Support Center Seminars

April, 2010 FSD Ural Regional Center Organized a Seminar in Yekaterinburg to Disseminate Best Community Development Practices

November, 2009 25th FSD Regional Support Center Seminar in Khabarovsk

October 2008. The 23rd FSD Regional Center Seminar in Yekaterinburg

September 2007. Twenty First Regional FSD Support Center Seminar

January 2007. 20th Seminar of Regional Centers

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