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News, May 2014

FSD Participation in the Living Volga Program

Elena Milanova, FSD projects manager (right), was one of the developers of the game Living Volga Brain Ring. The game is an example of an innovative educational product intended for pupils 12 years of age and older

In 2014, FSD took part in the Live Volga Program that is being conducted since 2006 by the UNESCO Moscow Bureau and Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia. For this program, FSD has developed a board game Living Volga Brain Ring intended for children and youth and containing questions about the environment, flora, fauna, sustainable development and the green economy of the Volga River basin. The game technologies are aimed not only at expanding knowledge in this area; they can also be used in additional education practices to encourage independent thinking, form an interest in nature and promote a reduction of negative impacts on it from human economic activities.




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