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News, November 2013

The participants in the program Small Business for Sustainable Development share their experience with young entrepreneurs

On November 6, 2013, grantees of the Citi Foundation program Small Business for Sustainable Development managed by the Fund for Sustainable Development in 2012-2013 in Ryazan Oblast, spoke to 47 young prospective business owners, the competitors in the new regional enrollment in the Young Entrepreneur School, who presented their business ideas and were planning to open small business or expand existing ones in 2014.

In their presentations, the successful participants in the program – Violetta Makeyeva and Anastasia Tolstobrova – described the achievements of their small businesses, the projects they had fulfilled, the challenges they had encountered and how they had overcome them.

All 10 grantees of the Program successfully fulfilled their projects, which also involved creating new jobs in their city and rural communities; improving the quality of public services; and promoting business culture. Their efforts served as examples demonstrating that small business in a region may be a reality.

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