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News, July 2013

The practical implementation of projects targeted toward small business development in Ryazan Oblast and Kolomensky Raion, Moscow Oblast, is continuing under the Small Business for Sustainable Development Program of the Citi Foundation and the Fund for Sustainable Development

Ten winners in the contest of best business plans who have received funding for starting and developing their own small businesses have presented to FSD information on the first results of their projects. Thus, in Ryazan Oblast, the first successes have been scored by such efforts as setting up farms and landscaping in the cities of Ryazan and Kasimov. In Kolomensky Raion, a project of improving the Osminozhki Children’s Center was successfully completed, while the activities of projects aimed at developing the local tourism infrastructure are continuing.

In the city of Sasovo, Ryazan Oblast, entrepreneur Elena Prikhno has started a farm for growing vegetables and flowers. She is planning to produce 500 kg of cucumbers, 600 kg of tomatoes, 150 kg of herbs and 2,000 flower seedlings during the warm season.  

The greenhouse complex in Sasovo.

In Ryazan, entrepreneur Violetta Makeyeva founded an urban design studio. Her project involved acquiring equipment for adorning the city with modern creative graffiti. The local School # 61 was the first to be transformed – the grim walls were covered with national Russian ornaments and portraits of famous scientists and writers.  

The building of School # 61 in Ryazan – “before and after”

In Ryazansky Raion, entrepreneur Anastasia Tolstobrovova is developing a goose farm. Goslings have hatched in incubators bought with grant money; of these 200 birds were sold to other farms of the region.

At the goose farm in Ryazan Oblast.

The Osminozhki Children’s Center has been improved in the city of Kolomna. The director of the center, Svetlana Romanova, said that the newly built walking park has become an attraction for the attendees of this only private children’s institution in the city.

Attendees of the Osminozhki Children’s Center in the new walking park 

The tourism infrastructure is being actively developed in this old city. One of the projects in this area fulfilled under the City Program was the Kolomna Streetcar of Your Wishes developed by entrepreneur Margarita Timofeyeva.  City residents and guests can ride on a specially equipped streetcar and enjoy the sights of Kolomna. The first tourists explored the new route on June 6 during the official presentation of the project.

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