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News, April 2013

Training Seminar “Innovation in Baikalsky Reserve”

The goal of this seminar held on April 25, 2013, was to acquaint community members and the staff of the reserve with the results of an FSD project of the Community Development Support Program in the Russian Federation Based on Information and Communication Technologies.

This project, “Introduction of Best Energy-Efficiency Community Practices” was carried out at the infrastructure of Baikalsky Reserve and involved installing wireless internet equipment at the Central Visitor Center in Tankhoi Settlement and at the international volunteer camp.  As a result, residents and visitors now have guaranteed internet access that is provided by the installed wireless local network based on Wi-Fi (WLAN).

The remote conservation and tourist center, Baikalskaya Bird Banding Station, located at the Mishikha River had previously experienced problems with electricity. Under the project,  220 W solar batteries were installed. To convert solar energy into electricity, a photovoltaic converter was also installed nearby. The generated constant current may be stored in accumulator systems of various capacity or, having been converted with the help of the inventor into alternate current of 220 V,  used directly. Now the staff of the banding station use this power for lighting binding areas at the station and for their laptop computers. Activities to increase the capacity of this power supply systems will be continued.

At the seminar, A.S.Titoruk from the Environmental Education and Educational Tourism Department of the Baikalsky Reserve instructed the audience in the use of Wi-Fi and spoke about the importance of alternative sources of energy and also about energy-saving techniques that are used at the reserve.

Deputy director of the reserve, E.A.Putintsev, described the “Program of Organizational Activities to Promote Energy-Saving and Energy Efficiency” scheduled for 2011 through 2015 that is being implemented at the Baikalsky Reserve.

The participants in the seminar viewed two presentations - “Seven Suggestions on How to Use the Internet” and “What is Wi-Fi?” - and video spots about energy-efficiency technologies.

An information booklet about the results of this project will be put out.

From 2000 to 2011, the fulfillment of various programs was possible at the Baikalsky Reserve thanks to the support of a host of philanthropic foundations. It had received 3.85 million rubles in grants for conservation activities; 19 grants totaling to 5.63 million rubles for environmental education and educational tourism; and 3.2 million rubles of private donations for developing the reserve.


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